women's judging committee

Committee Members

Chair: TBA
Registrar (judges records and list): Colleen Kaminski | Email Colleen

Assignment Coordinator: Nicky Carroll | Email Nicky
Communications: Momona Komogata | Email Momona

Member: Carole Williamson
Member: Cyndi Fairbrother
Member: Laureen Kean
GymBC Staff: Christine Ormerod |  Email Christine

Zone Judging Chairs

Zone 1: Nicole Quick | Email Nicole
Zone 2: Kim Dennis | Email Kim
Zone 3: Cyndi Fairbrother | Email Cyndi
Zone 4: Bobbie Worrall | Email Bobbie
Zone 5: Adriana Schemel | Email Adriana
Zone 6: Anna Mataganova | Email Anna
Zone 7: Angela Pitzel | Email Angela
Zone 8: Lisa Laundry | Email Lisa


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