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Gymnastics BC’s safe sport commitment

GBC is committed to promoting a sporting environment in which all members are able to participate in GBC activities in a safe, healthy and inclusive training and competitive environment, free from any form of abuse, maltreatment, harassment or discrimination, regardless of the level or capacity in which the member is participating.

The welfare of all participants in the sport is one of GBC’s foremost considerations. In particular, the protection of athletes who are vulnerable individuals is the ongoing responsibility of each member of the gymnastics community. GBC, as primarily a youth-serving organization, recognizes that it has a special position in the gymnastics community in BC, which implies a responsibility to develop policies, procedures and standards that assist its members in achieving a Safe Sport Environment.

GBC is committed to educating its members to achieve a safe, healthy and inclusive training and competitive environment. Education initiatives include: development and dissemination of template documents for members; webinars; coach education initiatives; mandatory training requirements (e.g., Commit 2 Kids Training), and information sessions for specific stakeholder groups (coaches, athletes, judges, etc.).

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Coronavirus and Gymnastics in BC

For updates on coronavirus and gymnastics in BC, please see our Coronavirus web page. 

Coaching Requirements

As per GBC’s Coaching/NCCP Certification Policy Coaches must register with GBC through their member clubs.

All coaches who wish to be members of GBC must complete and file a Criminal Record Check (CRC) with Gymnastics BC if they are 18 years old or older, as per BC Provincial Law (“An employer must ensure that every individual who is hired for employment involving work with children and every employee who works with children undergoes a criminal record check” Criminal Records Review Act, Chapter 86). Police record checks submitted to GBC must also include a ‘Vulnerable Section Search’ (VSS) (in some cases the VSS is on the same form but not always – check with your local police detachment). All GBC member club staff must complete CRC’s through a local police station. Please submit completed CRC reports to

As mandated by Gymnastics Canada, ALL Gymnastics BC coaches 15 years of age or older are required to complete the Respect in Sport course as part of their registration requirements.

New coaches registering with GBC will be granted a 30-day (from date of hire at the club) grace period to complete the program.

Failure to complete the course after 30 days may result in suspension of membership and insurance coverage for the coach(es) until they complete the program, and a $50 club penalty.

Completed certificate (number and completion dates) can be sent to

Club Operation Requirements

For ALL gymnastics-related activities, there must be present at ALL times in the gym*:

    • A coach that is at least NCCP Gymnastics Foundations (or NCCP Level 1) certified (specific certification level required is determined by the level of athletes who are training)
    • All coaches 15 years and older must have completed the Respect in Sport program, regardless of the program they coach (recreational or competitive), their NCCP certification level, or the level or age of the participants
    • One adult 19 years old or older (as per provincial law)
    • One person that holds a valid certification

*The above-noted responsibilities may be held by one person or a combination of persons.

Report a Concern/Submit a Complaint

Good Faith Reporting

A reporting person who files a GBC Complaint Submission Form must do so with no malice and/or information known to be false, fabricated or retaliatory in nature. Complainants must have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed does indeed indicate a violation. Knowingly submitting a false or malicious report will be considered harassment.

There will be no retaliation of good faith reports that turn out to be unsubstantiated. No complainant shall suffer retaliation or harassment as a result of their report.

Initial Response – Direct Communication

In instances where the alleged misconduct is less severe, and/or may not give rise to a risk to the safety, health or well-being of an athlete or member, GBC strongly encourages all members (athletes, coaches, parents, club administrators, judges, volunteers etc.) to first try and respectfully address the issue with the person directly.

Initial Response – Reporting to Law Enforcement or Other Agencies

In instances where the alleged misconduct is severe, complainants should not hesitate to report misconduct to their local police department, their RCMP detachment, or another relevant agency or organization. Additional processes specific to your gymnastics club and GBC may follow.

In BC, if you have reasonable grounds to suspect that an individual is or may be suffering from emotional abuse, physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse, you should report the information on which it is based to the local child protection agency and/or the local police department. In British Columbia, call the Ministry of Children and Family Development has a helpline available 24 hours per day: 1-800-663-9122

Secondary Response – Complaint Reporting at the Club Level

If the first response approach listed above is unsuccessful or inappropriate, individuals with complaint information should contact their club’s leadership personnel, President or a member of its Board of Directors. If the club does not have a Board of Directors, individuals with concerns should contact the owner(s) of the club. If you are unsure how to proceed at the club level, please refer to your club’s Policies and Procedures or speak with your club’s leadership personnel (President, head coach, club owner(s), or Board members) for more instructions.

Tertiary Response – Complaint Reporting at the Provincial Level (to GBC)

GBC should receive communication from individuals who have already unsuccessfully attempted to address concerns at the club level or if the concerns are not related to club operations (e.g. allegations occurred during an GBC related trip). Complaints must be submitted in writing by an individual with actual knowledge of the allegations and signed by the complainant or the individual acting on behalf of a minor. Upon receipt of a complaint, GBC will follow the procedures outlined in its Complaints, Hearings, and Discipline Policy and Procedure

Completed complaint forms can be submitted to the following GBC personnel:

Chief Executive Officer

Nigel Loring

Safety Officer

Nathan Kindrachuk

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