Reports and Plans

Strategic outlook

Building strong foundations that support gymnastics club success and meaningful participation by all.

The Gymnastics BC strategic framework 2015-19 is the guiding document for our association.

The following strategic priorities form the basis for our strategic plan:

  1. Insurance
  2. Membership
  3. Education
  4. Communication
  5. Promotion
  6. Transparency

The Framework





Provide insurance programs that work for members

Provide comprehensive coverage for all gymnastics related activities

Make insurance simple and easy to understand and manage


Streamline the membership and registration process

Simplify member reporting, tracking and accounting

Equitable and easy to understand membership fees

One membership, all clubs, easily verified

Annual membership by registration date


Champion education and certification initiatives supporting building a strong foundation

Simplify the coaches and judges system

Create B.C. coach training and certification

Create innovative B.C. education programs

Address the coach, judge and volunteer shortage

Remove geography as a barrier to education and certification

Arm clubs with a roadmap for success – best practices, risk management, first aid, governance, business operations


Provide access to information through communication strategies that meet the needs of member clubs

Host regularly scheduled opportunities for feedback and engagement

Implement a comprehensive multi-year calendar

Provide timely and meaningful information; increase communications lead time to members

Clearly communicate what Gymnastics BC does

Communicate what we know, when we know it


Create a long-term strategy that positively influences the general public’s perception of gymnastics

Revisit PLAY Gymnastics

Promote developmental gymnastics

Promote gymnastics coaching and teaching as a profession

Develop a sponsorship strategy that supports gymnastics province-wide participation

Celebrate our successes

Actively advocate on behalf of members to partners, stakeholders and funders (i.e. Gymnastics Canada and government)


Provide transparency and clarity around the GBC structure and function

Clarify the roles and responsibilities of staff, board and committees

Re-examine the board and zone composition and structure to ensure meaningful representation

Involve club members to share their insight, experiences and concerns

What’s next?

An operational plan to activate this framework.


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