Reports and Plans

Strategic outlook

Building strong foundations that support gymnastics club success and meaningful participation by all.

The Gymnastics BC strategic framework 2020-24 is the guiding document for our association.

The following strategic values form the basis for our strategic plan:

  1. Excellence
  2. Leadership
  3. Transparency
  4. Ethics
  5. Professionalism
  6. People Focus
  7. Business Management
  8. Programming Excellence
  9. Customer Service
  10. Safety and Risk Management

The Framework





Develop strategic relationships related to funding and opportunities to enhance the value of
gymnastics in our province

1. Achieve new multi-year sources of government funding by 2023
2. Secure new multi-year financial or in-kind corporate sponsors by 2023

Impact Wellbeing

Be recognized as a leader in safety and wellbeing

1. Increase capability to create safe environments through widely
accessible learning opportunities and tool kits


Create a consistent experience where all
stakeholders and members feel heard, included, energized, and part of the greater Gymnastics BC

1. Increase participation rates at AGM’s, Town Halls, GBC Technical Retreats
and GBC events
2. Increase participation in satisfaction and feedback surveys

Coach Development

Excel in providing services that attract and retain long-term, and professional coaches

1. Create comprehensive HR tool kit packages for clubs and coaches
2. Increase the number of coach developers over the next 4 years
3. Increase the number of coaches provincially and regionally
4. Increase contact points e.g. promotion, information sharing, etc. for attracting
new coaches and retaining current coaches

Services – Gymnastics Business Practices

Excel in providing key best practice tools and
resources to support and allow business in
gymnastics to thrive collectively, in BC

1. Identify and prioritize the development and delivery of key best practice tools and
resources for business in gymnastics
2. Continue to add to and update the website library of resources every year based
on business needs
3. Develop multiple avenues to communicate best practices with our clubs


Provide transparency and clarity around the GBC structure and function

Clarify the roles and responsibilities of staff, board and committees

Re-examine the board and zone composition and structure to ensure meaningful representation

Involve club members to share their insight, experiences and concerns

What’s next?

An operational plan to activate this framework.