Membership Fees

2021-22 and 2022-23 membership fees

Gymnastics BC is pleased to report that our membership fees will remain at 2020-21 levels for the 2021-22 AND 2022-23 membership years with the exception of the GBC Member club fee which will increase to $360 in 2021-22 and $380 in 2022-23, per previously scheduled increases.

All members receive member services associated with joining Gymnastics BC either as a club or individual member.

The membership fees are valid from September 1 to August 31 of each year.

Members who are involved in multiple roles are registered in all categories and pay only the highest membership fee (i.e. a competitive athlete who is also a recreational coach will pay $150 but will be registered in two roles).

Gymnastics BC membership fees include insurance as well as an $8 (per individual) Gymnastics Canada membership fee.

Approved membership fees for 2023-24 and beyond

Membership Category2022-23 GymBC Fees
GymBC Member club $380.00
($430.00 if after August 31)
Associate member$0.00
Auxiliary member$50.00
Casual participant
(5 visits or less)
Recreational annual participant$42.00
Interclub Athlete$55.00
WAG Competitive
Athlete (incl. Xcel)
MAG Competitive Athlete$150.00
TG Competitive Athlete$150.00
Acro Competitive Athlete$150.00
Adult Competitive Athlete$42.00
Independent Athlete$305.00
Pre-CIT Coach$40.00
Recreational Coach$55.00
Competitive Coach$55.00
Coach Developer$55.00
Volunteer / Board$39.00
Recreational to competitive21 days before competition$108.00 ($42.00 →$150.00)
Interclub to competitive
(including Xcel)
21 days before competition$95.00 ($55.00 →$150.00)

zone fees

Zone fees are set by the individual zones for regional development and to offset costs of regional activities. 

Zone fees are in addition to the Gymnastics BC membership fees. Zone fees are applied per athlete except for trampoline program participants and casual participants. For more details on specific zone fees, please contact your zone chair.

Description of member categories

  • Casual participant: A casual participant attends five times or fewer, casually throughout the year or in short programs.
    This registration category does NOT include the use of any trampoline devices, unless participating in structured recreational programs (considered regularly-scheduled programs over multiple weeks or multiple days in one week that teach progressive skill development) under proper coach supervision.

    This registration category does NOT include the use of any trampoline device.

  • Recreational participant: A recreational participant takes part in GBC member club programming six times or more throughout the year. Gymnastics for All (recreational) programs include: artistic, trampoline*, acrobatic, aerobic, rhythmic gymnastics, parkour, basic cheerleading, adaptive/inclusive, Parent & Tot**, and basic circus arts/ACRiX.

    * Recreational Trampoline includes CanJump programming Level 1 to 4 only (Level 5+ must register Interclub Trampoline).
    ** Parent & Tot: Parents/Guardian do not need to register as GBC members, but they must sign waivers.

    This registration category does NOT include the use of any trampoline devices for PARKOUR, CHEERLEADING or DROP-IN participants.

    Recreational participants may take part in GBC-sanctioned Gymnaestrada events, but may not take part in GBC Interclub or Competitive sanctioned events.

    See GBC Policies & Procedures (Gymnastics for All section) for more detailed information.
  • Interclub performance artistic athlete: Athletes who participate in GBC-sanctioned Interclub Artistic events. 
  • Interclub trampoline athlete: Athletes who participate in GBC-sanctioned Interclub Trampoline events (CanJump Levels 1-12).
  • Competitive athlete: Athletes who pursue the competitive aspects of gymnastics and competes in GBC sanctioned competitions (at any level). This includes the disciplines of artistic and trampoline gymnastics
  • Adult competitive athlete: Adult competitive gymnasts who participate in GBC sanctioned adult events at any level.
  • Independent athletes: Independent athletes are athletes who are in bad standing with a member club, training at another member club and wishing to participate in a competition or Interclub event. The athlete pays the appropriate membership fee and the per event registration fee ($200 – max three days).
  • Pre-Coach in Training (Pre-CIT): An individual who is taking or has completed the two year Pre CIT club level training program for 13 to 15 year olds who have not yet taken NCCP training.  
  • Recreational Coach: An individual who coaches recreational gymnasts. This includes Gymnastics for All programs which may include: ActiveStart, parent-tot, preschool, school aged, adult, special needs, Interclub, acrobatic, associate member programs and one-time visitor programs such as birthday parties and special events.
  • Competitive Coach: An individual who coaches competitive athletes and/or cheerleading participants.
  • Coach Developer: An individual who is certified to facilitate NCCP Courses (Learning Facilitator or Coach Evaluator).
  • Judge: An individual who is actively judging competitions in any discipline: artistic, trampoline and/or aerobic gymnastics.
  • Volunteer: An individual, with or without club affiliation, who supports the sport of gymnastics (i.e. members of the club’s board of directors, individual parents who help with club activities such as driving, helping set up equipment, concessions and committees etc.)
  • Staff: An individual who works at the club but is not a coach (or athlete). This could include administrative or maintenance staff.
  • Honorary: An individual who is honored by Gymnastics BC as a Life Member.