Insurance faq's

Gymnastics BC’s insurance broker is JLT Marsh Canada.

Incident reports should be kept until the individual is 18, plus 10 years (28)

Contact Gymnastics BC immediately. Forward a copy of the letter to Gymnastics BC so it can be sent to the insurance company. 

Yes, the GBC insurance policy allows clubs to participate in activities outside of the club, including mall displays, parades, performances, demonstrations, hosted competitions, etc.

Please inform GBC of any out of facility activities to ensure appropriate insurance coverage by clicking here. 

If your event requires a Certificate of Insurance listing additional insured, request a Certificate of Insurance here.

Member insurance coverage information can be found here.

No, the Gymnastics BC insurance policy does not include property coverage. 

Reasonable low risk camp activities including, arts and crafts, introductory circus activities, going to the park, or other low risk seasonal sport related activities at an introductory level such as soccer, basketball, tag games, etc., are currently covered as long as all participants are registered and are doing these activities with a certified coach.

Non related gymnastic activities of higher risk are not covered and require additional insurance coverage or approval by JLT Marsh Canada. Examples include rock or wall climbing, swimming, diving, football, roller-blading, wake boarding, snow boarding. If unsure, assume that the activity is not covered and follow-up by contacting GBC for approval or added insurance coverage from JLT Marsh Canada.

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