Gymnastics BC`S Safe Sport Commitment

GBC is committed to promoting a sporting environment in which all members are able to participate in GBC activities in a safe, healthy and inclusive training and competitive environment, free from any form of abuse, maltreatment, harassment or discrimination, regardless of the level or capacity in which the member is participating.

The welfare of all participants in the sport is one of GBC’s foremost considerations. In particular, the protection of athletes who are vulnerable individuals is the ongoing responsibility of each member of the gymnastics community. GBC, as primarily a youth-serving organization, recognizes that it has a special position in the gymnastics community in BC, which implies a responsibility to develop policies, procedures and standards that assist its members in achieving a Safe Sport Environment.

GBC is committed to educating its members to achieve a safe, healthy and inclusive training and competitive environment. Education initiatives include: development and dissemination of template documents for members; webinars; coach education initiatives; mandatory training requirements (e.g., Commit 2 Kids Training), and information sessions for specific stakeholder groups (coaches, athletes, judges, etc.).

Please view the complaint management handbook here.

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