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Our Staff

Based in Vancouver, our talented team strives to deliver programs and services that serve our member clubs and aid in the governance, promotion and development of gymnastics in British Columbia.

Learn more about Gymnastics BC staff and how they can assist you below.

Nigel Loring
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 604-333-3491
Email Nigel

Catherine Dubinsky
Member Services
Manager & Bookkeeper

Phone: 604-333-3498
Email Catherine

Leanne James
Business Development & Events Manager

Phone: 604-333-3493
Email Leanne

Keara Urquhart
Communications & Recreation Program

Phone: 604-333-3494
Email Keara

Megan McDermott
Administrative & Communications Coordinator

Phone: 604-333-3496
Email Megan

Nathan Kindrachuk

Safety Officer

Phone: 604-333-3497
Email Nathan

Bobbie Worrall
Coach and Judge
Education Coordinator

Phone: 604-333-3495
Email Bobbie

Thorstein Fischer
Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Program Coordinator

Email Thorstein

Momona Komagata
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Program Coordinator

Email Momona

Debbie McBoyle
Trampoline Gymnastics (TG) Program Coordinator

Email Debbie


Richard Ikeda
MAG Provincial Performance Advisor

Jared Goad
WAG Provincial Performance Advisor 

Jason Burnett
TG Provincial Performance Advisor

Michelle Ricks
Equipment Rental Coordinator

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