Future Membership Fees

Future GymBC membership fees

At Gymnastics BC’s 2022 AGM, the following membership fees were approved for 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26. The fees below do NOT include Zone fees that might also be applicable, but they DO include the GymCan $8 membership fee. Please visit this page (bottom of page) to see the what the current Zone fees are.

Please see current GymBC member fees to see the 2022-23 membership year fees.

The membership year runs September 1 – August 31

Membership Category2023-242024-252025-26
GymBC member club *$550$600$620
Associate member$0$0$0
Auxiliary member$50$75$75
Casual participant Δ$15$16$17
Recreational participant/athlete
(includes Masters/Adult Competitive)
Interclub athlete$57$58$59
Competitive athlete$165$170$175
Coach / Judge / Supporter incl.:
Volunteer, Board Member, Club Staff

Most of the member club fee increase is to transfer the cost of music licensing fees that GymBC has been paying on behalf of our member clubs, to the clubs themselves. This was always the intention since we started paying music licensing fees approximately a decade ago, but we are only now implementing that change.

Δ as of 2023-24 the Casual participant fee will increase the number of visits allowed during the membership year, from five (5) to eight (8) visits and will also allow unlimited July and August summer programming visits.

NOTE: Casual membership will be non-transferrable between clubs, so if an individual participates as a casual participant at more than one club, they will be required to pay the Casual participant fee at each club. This is due to difficulty in coordinating and tracking the number of visits between multiple clubs.

Upgrade deadline and fees in 2023-24
Recreational to competitive21 days before competition$122 ($43 → $165)
Interclub to competitive21 days before competition$108 ($57 →$165)

Please email GymBC’s Member Services Manager at membership@gymbc.org if you have any questions.