Login to your NCCP locker at http://coach.ca/. Once there, you can click on the eLearning tab near the top and access the MED Online Evaluation on the right side of the page. In order to waive the evaluation fee, please wait until the GF Theory course appears in your Locker. Once it appears, you can take the evaluation for free.

If you don’t see the MED course in your locker, it may be because you have not met the requirements for completing the course and are unable to obtain status as a certified coach. If you have questions, please email coaching@gymbc.org.  

Yes, you might qualify for the Pre-CIT program. Please contact a local club to find out more.

This is due to a transition into a new Locker system. Currently, there is a mix of two systems operating, which is why some information may not appear up to date. This information will not update until the two systems are fully merged. For confirmation of your certification, contact coaching@gymbc.org.

No, the coach must be active start trained before evaluations can be done.

Please visit the USA Parkour website and login to renew your parkour certification.

As per the Registration handbook information on page 19 titled Minimum Coaching Requirements, coaches MUST be fully certified Level 2 (or Competition 1) to be on the competition or training floor on a daily basis with JO 5-8 and Aspire athletes. Competition 1 Trained is okay for up to JO 3 + 4. GF Trained is okay for JO 1 + 2. An under level 2 certified coach is not allowed on the floor to coach JO 5-8, even if a club already has a fully certified coach on the floor.

The best thing for you to do is add your email address to our course alerts online. Once added, you will receive emails whenever a course is added to the calendar.

There are two options for taking the MED course. You can take ½ the GF Theory course (the MED portion) or you can look for an MED course on the viaSport website calendar. If you chose ½ a GF Theory course with GBC, you would need to find the course that fits your schedule and then call John Carroll at 604-333-3493 at GBC to register as our system does not cover ½ course registrations.

It depends on the certification level you are looking to achieve. To start, you must be a minimum of 15 years old. Additional requirements may apply–please email coaching@gymbc.org for more information. 

The Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline course is the first level of coach training. In order to be eligible to take the GF Trampoline course, you must first attend the GF Introduction and Theory courses. Once you have taken all three courses you would be considered a Trained GF Trampoline coach and be eligible to take the Level 2 Technical Course.

After being a trained GF Coach, take the Level 2 Trampoline Technical Course and complete the theory modules for Level 2, which are Teaching and Learning, Basic Mental Skills, Nutrition and Design a Sports Program. These can be completed in one day at an Artistic Competition 1 course (the Theory day) or separately through viaSport courses. The last piece to certification is the Level 2 Practical completion form.

The process to becoming certified as a Foundations level gymnastics coach is the same as the GF Trampoline certification (see FAQ #11), however, you must complete the GF Artistic Course and then have a GF Artistic Evaluation done (using the GF Evaluation Package) by a GF Artistic Coach Evaluator.

There is no more Level 2 Artistic Gymnastic certification. It is now called Competition 1. Take a Comp 1 course which includes Theory and then be evaluated by a Competition 1 Coach Evaluator using the Competition 1 Evaluation Guide.

We have an Audit policy for courses you have already taken, more information can be found on our website. For each module of the GF courses it would cost $20.00 + GST or $21.00. This cost is just for attendance, you would not receive any manuals. This type of registration cannot be done online. You can contact the coaching department at 604-333-3493 and directly pay with a credit card.