Technical Committees

Gymnastics BC has four technical committees:

  1. Men’s,
  2. Women’s,
  3. Trampoline gymnastics, and
  4. Gymnastics For All.

Each are constituted to be accountable to the board and the membership.

Each technical committee is responsible for the technical regulations, programs and services for each discipline. They work with the membership and staff to support the development and growth of gymnastics in BC.

Each chair is a member of the Gymnastics BC Board of Directors, elected by the membership at the applicable technical assembly.

ChairMichael J
Judging ChairChris Sheremeta 
CoachingRichard Ikeda 
Athlete RepresentativeKen Ikeda 
Member at LargeAlexander Pozdniakov 
Member at LargeKris Krunick 
Member at LargeMichel Sergeant 
 Men’s Technical Coordinator (Non-Voting)John
Technical Director (Non-Voting)Andrée

Meeting Minutes

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Judging ChairAdriana
Member at LargeBarb
Member at LargeKaitlin
Member at LargeJennifer
Member at LargeAngie
Member at LargeDana
Member at LargeNikki
Technical Director (Non-Voting)Andree
WAG Coordinator (Non-Voting)Crystal

Meeting Minutes

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TG ChairMegan ConwayEmail Megan
Coaching Chair (Athletes)Jake MaximEmail Jake
Coaching Chair (Coaches)Kirsty PorterEmail Kirsty
Judging ChairAdri PopeEmail Adri
Athlete RepSydney Lovell SchmidtEmail Sydney
Member at LargeRusty PierceEmail Rusty
Member at LargeJune BoothEmail June
Member at LargeJill DrakeEmail Jill
Member at LargeLilla GulyasEmail Lilla
GBC Staff (non-voting)John CarrollEmail John
GBC Staff (non-voting)Debbie McBoyleEmail Debbie
Athlete RepMaja BonhamEmail Maja

Meeting Minutes

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ChairMary MoriceEmail Mary
Member At LargeSherri TaylorEmail Sherri
Member At LargeJen OlthoffEmail Jen
Member At LargeTami CalkinsEmail Tami
Member At LargeJune TiefenbachEmail June
Member At LargeKaryne BaileyEmail Karyne
Member At LargeSho LitvackEmail Sho
Member At LargeCatou TylerEmail Catou
Member At LargeSabrina SchillingEmail Sabrina
Gymnastics For All Manager (non-voting)Keara UrquhartEmail Keara
Technical Director (non-voting)Andrée MontreuilEmail Andrée

Meeting Minutes

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Standing Committees

Gymnastics BC has three standing committees:

  1. Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC),
  2. Finance and Personnel Committee, and the
  3. Governance Committee.

Each standing committees supports the work of the Board of Directors.

Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC)

Headed by the Vice-Chair, the Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) provides members with a voice on the Board of Directors. Each regional zone is chaired by a PAC member which chairs zone meetings and meets with other PAC members.

Through the PAC meetings, the Vice-Chair is able to understand the needs of our diverse regions and ensure that their comments, concerns and ideas are heard by the board.

Vivian HughanZone 1 Chair Email Vivian
Heather IvanitzZone 2 ChairEmail Heather
Melissa CoombesZone 3 ChairEmail Melissa
George BurgoyneZone 4 ChairEmail George
Carlene LewallZone 5 ChairEmail Carlene
Heather LaPageZone 6 ChairEmail Heather
Karl McPhersonZone 7 ChairEmail Karl
Lucia FendeletZone 8 ChairEmail Lucia


Finance and Personnel Committee

Headed by the Chair, the Finance and Personnel Committee monitors all human resource and financial matters of Gymnastics BC. The committee oversees staffing levels and validates and delivers all fiscal reports for the Board of Director meetings and AGM’s.

Chair: Ana Arciniega –

Gymnastics BC Vice-Chair: Katherine Campbell –

Gymnastics BC Finance Director: Katherine Reindhardt –

Staff Liaison: CEO –

Awards and Scholarships Committee

Chair: June Booth –

Member: Twyla Ryan –

Members at Large: Three volunteer gymnastics community members (changes annually)

Staff Liaison: Leanne James –


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supplies support on all matters of governance, and provides recommendations to the board and the membership on Constitutions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. Supplies oversight and supports compliance to the membership on internal regulatory matters.

Chair: Ana Arciniega –

Staff Liaison: CEO –

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