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Become a GymBC member club

Any new club wanting to be recognized as a full member club of GBC must submit:

to be considered by the GBC Board of Directors.

Acceptance of New Club Membership

The GBC Board of Directors reviews all new full member club applications twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. 


Deadline to submit new member club application 

March 31

Notification of status 

June 30


Deadline to submit new member club application 

September 30

Notification of status 

December 31

The board has the sole discretion to approve or deny full member club membership.

Following this review, notification of status will be sent to the applicant.

The board may refuse a new application for membership for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • incomplete application,
  • history of failing to be a member in good standing with any other provincial or national sport organization, or
  • concern over training, safety, personnel or risk management issues. 

If the new full member club membership is denied, the membership fees will be returned to the applicant.

Please allow ample time between the submission of your application and your anticipated program start date.

Probation period

All new clubs are placed on probation for one year to ensure compliance with all GBC policies.

All new clubs on probation with GBC are required to provide a deposit against membership fees.

The deposit is based on the number of programs offered and the anticipated membership size of the club as shown below.

Number of members and deposit amount

  • Under 100 members: $500
  • Up to 300 members: $1,500
  • Up to 500 members:  $2,000

The deposit is held by GBC until the end of the club’s probationary period. At the club’s request, the deposit plus interest can either be returned or utilized against future invoices. At any time during the probationary period GBC may, at its discretion, apply all or part of the deposit to invoices in arrears. 

All clubs on probation are required to make payments at the time the invoice is issued. New clubs are not extended a 30-day grace period to pay any account.

How to Register a NEW Full Member Club

For a new club to become a GBC full member club, the following must be submitted for consideration by the GBC Board of Directors:

  1. Letter of introduction (describing the club, facility, staff, coaching ratio),
  2. Completed GBC new full member club application form (complete online) including promotional material or website detailing program information,
  3. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing or business license,
  4. Letter from landlord, city, municipality, or lease confirming training location,
  5. Copy of criminal record checks for principals or officers (e.g. owner, manager, head coach), if not already on file with GBC, and
  6. $300 membership fee.

Please email, or call 604-333-3498.