Competitive Category Registration Deadline


 Competitive Category Registration Deadline 

This is a reminder that competitive artistic athletes must be registered in the level/category they will be competing in at BC Championships, by March 1, 2023.

NOTE: following BC Champs, athletes may move UP in category (but not down).

If you registered any of your competitive artistic athletes in the new Competitive UNDECLARED category, OR you registered athletes at a lower level than they will be competing in and you need to move them to the correct level/category, then you MUST withdraw them from the current category that they are registered in FIRST (i.e. UNDECLARED Competitive Athlete, CPP L1, Provincial L1 etc.), in order to then register them in the correct competitive category. 

Visit this link for detailed instructions on how to withdraw competitive athletes from their current competitive membership category, so you can then register them in the correct category.

After March 1, whatever category/level your athletes are registered as in Uplifter, is the category/level they must compete in until after BC Championships.

Please contact with any questions. 

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