club Closure Order

Earlier today, the BC Government published material announcing the mandatory closure of gymnastics facilities. Gymnastics BC had not received any communication directly from the BC Government or otherwise prior to the publication of this material. 

Additionally, we have heard from a number of club representatives whose facilities have been visited by bylaw enforcement officers today, and they have been forced to shut down operations. 

Gymnastics BC has reached out to viaSport for further guidance and clarity, as we have not received any further direction at this time, on this matter. Until further notice, all GBC member clubs must shut down all in-person activities, effective immediately.

If a club does not comply and remains operating, they may be subject to government fines and other sanctions. 

Please be advised that Gymnastics BC still has remote training insurance coverage, and therefore, clubs may implement remote training as long as all requirements are adhered to (see details).  

GBC staff understand and respect the urgent nature of the situation, and how it directly impacts business operations; additionally, we are in regular communication with viaSport, and will provide further information to the membership as it becomes available.

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