Isabela Onyshko Advances to Artistic World Cup Apparatus Finals

February 21, 2020

After two days of qualifiers at the Melbourne World Cup, Canada has three apparatus finals coming up this weekend. BC athlete, Isabela Onyshko, will compete on floor.

“My landings on floor have gotten better in practice,” says Onyshko, “I’ve also been working on my breathing and using key words to guide me during competitions.”

Onyshko recently competed at WAG Elite Canada, which she used to propel her into the World Cup in Melbourne.

“WAG Elite got me back into the competition groove,” stated Onyshko, “but that competition showed me I needed to be a bit more aggressive, so that’s what I’m taking into the World Cup.”

Onyshko isn’t just an elite athlete—she’s a gifted student. Onyshko was recently accepted into Stanford University, where she will soon continue her gymnastics career as a Stanford Cardinal.

Her main advice to athletes looking to go elite is this:

“Mindset-wise, you need to accept that there are going to be hard days, but keep pushing through and really try to enjoy yourselves. As an elite athlete, things can be stressful, but try and find the little things you enjoy throughout the whole journey.”

Stay up-to-date on the World Cup competition this weekend on the 2020 World Cup Gymnastics website.

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