BC Athletes Head to WAG Elite Canada

This weekend from February 7-9, BC athletes, coaches, and judges will be attending the WAG Elite Canada competition in Calgary, Alberta.

We had a chance to chat with Isabela Onyshko, decorated BC athlete and Olympian, about what she’s looking forward to at WAG elite this year. “I’m really looking forward to competing on floor,” said Onyshko, “my level of expression has definitely gotten a lot better, and I’m also excited for beam, because I have a couple of new combinations so I’m really excited to have that challenge in a meet.”

Gymnastics BC wishes good luck to all those taking part in the competition–we’ll be cheering you on from home! Below is a list of all athletes, coaches and judges who are attending this year’s WAG Elite competition.

Sienna Fretwell (TAG)
Becca Mitchell (TAG)
Lucy Samudio (Vancouver Phoenix)
Selena Gonzalez (Vancouver Phoenix)
Kennedy Fast (Twisters)
Viktoria Duchesne (Omega)
Anastasia Smolev (Omega)
Aaliya DeSousa (Flip City)
Sophie Patterson (Club Aviva)

Jordis Kliewer (Twisters)
Mikhayla Rosenow (Twisters)
Makenna Guidish (Flip City)
Jordanna Phillis (Vancouver Phoenix)
Jayne Carvell (Flicka)
Sydney Turner (TAG)
Elizabeth Noble (TAG)
Athena Hutchinson (Club Aviva)

Imogen Paterson (Flicka)
Shallon Olsen (Omega)
Isabela Onyshko (Vancouver Phoenix)

Barb Fraser
Svetlana Lashina
Vladimir Lashin
Janice Fowler
Angie Walker
Shallon Iliesu
Steve Iliesu
Dorina Stan
Nancy Beyer
Marc Crippen
Alana Jensen

Andrée Montreuil 
Gord Bennett
Crystal Gilhooly

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