Strong Finish for Team BC at Westerns

BC Athletes Dominate at Western Canadian Championships

Team BC athletes took home numerous awards from Western Canadian Championships, many of which included all-around champion medals. A list of Team BC results is provided below, and a full list of results is available on the SportzSoft website

Gymnastics BC congratulates all athletes who took part in the event. 


JO Level 8 (12 and under):

Charlotte TrotmanLangley Gymnastics FoundationAA 2nd, Vault 2nd, Bars 2nd
Team BC Team Bronze

JO Level 8 (13+):

Jaidyn OlynykInspire Sports VictoriaAA 3rd, Vault 1st
Lila BulkaDelta Gymnastics SocietyVault 2nd, Beam 2nd
Mylah Vanden-ElsenNanaimo Gymnastics SchoolAA 1st, Vault 3rd, Floor 3rd
Ashlyn LangtonFlip City GymnasticsBars 3rd
Team BC Team Silver

JO Level 9 (11-13):

Siena ScharfeVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsAA 2nd, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, 
Makenzie GrantDelta Gymnastics SocietyFloor 2nd

JO Level 9 (14+):

Grace HernbergLangley Gymnastics FoundationAA 2nd, Vault 3rd, Beam 1st, Floor 3rd
Emma LimKey City Gymnastics ClubVault 2nd
Brooklyn BatchCampbell River Gymnastics AssociationBars 3rd,
Mikayla GilfillenFlip City GymnasticsFloor 2nd

JO Level 10 (12-15):

Kennedy DukeLangley Gymnastics FoundationAA 2nd, Vault 1st, Beam 3rd
Angelique GatesFlicka Gymnastics ClubAA 3rd
Jordis KliewerTwisters Gymnastics ClubVault 2nd, Floor 1st
Ella JalandoonVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsBeam 1st
Team BC     Team gold

JO level 10 (16+):

Emilie HongLangley Gymnastics FoundationVault 1st
Alia Wilson Prince George Gymnastics ClubBeam 2nd
Paula UrquidiLangley Gymnastics FoundationBeam 3rd
Micah YabutVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsBeam 1st

Aspire 1:

Amélie SheaTwisters Gymnastics ClubVault 3rd
Makayla WhiteNanaimo Gymnastics SchoolBeam 1st
Josie MaryschakFlip City GymnasticsBeam 2nd
Team BC Team Silver

Aspire 2:

Selena GonzalesVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsAA 2nd, Bars 1st, Floor 2nd
Kimiko PauscheClub AvivaBeam 1st
Tyya NibbelinkVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsFloor 3rd
Lucy SamudioVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsBeam 2nd


Elite 3:

Parker SmithLangley Gymnastics FoundationAA 2nd, Floor 1st Tie
Alec IkedaTwisters Gymnastics ClubAA 3rd, P-Horse 1st, P-Bars 3rd, High Bar 1st
Aiden GonzalezLangley Gymnastics FoundationP-Horse 2nd, High Bar 3rd
Owen FieldingFlip City GymnasticsRings 2nd, P-Bars 1st
Josiah JacksonFlicka Gymnastics ClubVault 1st Tie
Team BC (A) Team Gold
Team BC (B) Team Bronze

Elite 4:

Lucas LiuDelta Gymnastics SocietyAA 2nd, Floor 1st, Vault 2nd
Russell WoodwardDelta Gymnastics SocietyAA 3rd, Floor 3rd Tie, P-Bars 3rd Tie
Ethan IkedaTwisters Gymnastics ClubP-Horse 2nd, P-Bars 1st, High Bar 1st
Team BC Team Silver

Provincial 4:

Hayden IsfeldTwisters Gymnastics ClubAA 2nd, P-Horse 2nd, Vault 3rd Tie
Maxwell HillFlicka Gymnastics ClubFloor 3rd, 
Jackson MartinCampbell River Gymnastics AssociationP-Horse 1st
Jonathan KoTwisters Gymnastics ClubP-Horse 3rd
Jakob SirianniKamloops Gymnastics/Trampoline CentreRings 1st, Vault 2nd
Aaron YanagawaVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsHigh Bar 3rd
Team BC (A) Team Silver
Team BC (B) Team Bronze

Provincial 5:

Emilio NaiduVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsAA 1st, P-Horse 2nd, P-Bars 1st Tie
Luke Van HarmelenSurrey Gymnastic SocietyAA 2nd, Rings 2nd, P-Bars 1st Tie, High Bar 2nd
Patrick KnowlesLangley Gymnastics FoundationFloor 1st
Carson OggCampbell River Gymnastics AssociationFloor 2nd, Rings 3rd, High Bar 1st
Matthew WoznicaLangley Gymnastics FoundationFloor 3rd, P-Bars 3rd
Aries-Zion DezaVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsP-Horse 3rd
Joshua CarrollTwisters Gymnastics ClubVault 3rd
Team BC (A) Team Gold
Team BC (B) Team Bronze

National Open:

Kai IwaasaVancouver Phoenix GymnasticsAA 1st, Floor 2nd, P-Horse 3rd, Vault 3rd, P-Bars 1st, High Bar 3rd
Nicolas CruzLangley Gymnastics FoundationAA 3rd, Rings 1st
Jeremy FiliatraultTwisters Gymnastics ClubP-Bars 2nd
Team BC  Team Gold

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