when an incident occurs

Reporting an incident

Following an incident all clubs must:

    1. Submit an incident report to Gymnastics BC within 48 hours of the incident
    2. Provide the injured member with the accident claim form and direction on the filing procedure

An incident constitutes an injury, be it large or small, which requires any level of first aid.

  • Immediately document the incident as thoroughly as possible. Where appropriate, secure comments from witnesses.

  • Submit an incident report to Gymnastics BC within 48 hours of the incident

  • Provide the injured member with the accident claim form and direction on the filing procedure.

See below for details on filing an accident claim.

  • If you call the police, fire department or ambulance, or if any of these emergency responders attend your facility for any matter other than routine facility safety inspections.
  • If you have contact with a lawyer for any matter related to the club*.


*In most cases, contact with a lawyer will not result in any significant future legal action; however, by having a record of the interaction, Gymnastics BC will be in a better position to support the club should any legal action result in the future.

Filing an accident claim

All GBC members seeking reimbursement for expenses not covered by their primary insurance must:

  • Complete the front portion of the accident claim form.
  • Submit the accident claim form to club management for certification and signature.
  • Mail the completed claim form to Gymnastics BC within 29 days of the incident. GBC will verify membership status and forward the accident claim form to the insurance company.
  • Have the attending dentist or physician complete the applicable form for dental and medical reimbursement.
  • Submit directly to the insurance company, the proof of claim and dentist or physician report, within 90 days of the incident.

Please note:

  • The insurance company will not process a claim until it is verified by GBC.
  • GBC will verify and forward the claim to the insurance company the same day it is received.
  • Due to the time constraints, it is very important that all claim forms are sent to GBC – do not send directly to the insurance company.
  • The time required to process a claim varies depending on the severity of the the incident and how complicated the claim becomes.
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